Driving Force S.O.M.
Driving Force S.O.M.


Driving Force's goal is to ensure that every client is at ease during their tuition and to maintain an excellent relationship.

The greatest compliment we can get is the ongoing referral business and complimentary testimonial letters. My thanks to all who have contributed.

Freddie – St. Andrews
I had failed my practical test 3 times before learning to drive with Gordon. I was a nervous and hesitant driver, but Gordon’s firm and friendly instruction helped me to build my confidence and learn to love driving. Gordon teaches you how to be a safe and assured driver, and not just how to pass your test (which was my previous experience of instructors). I would recommend him to everyone!

Catriona – St. Andrews
Gordon is an extremely thorough driving instructor and I could feel myself visibly improving with every lesson. I appreciated his willingness to work around my busy schedule and patience with my initial nerves. He makes you feel safe as well as confident and I now feel ready to drive on my own after passing my test. Thanks Gordon!

Charlotte – St. Andrews
Before my lessons with Gordon, I was a very nervous and apprehensive driver. My husband organised the lessons as a surprise for me and chose Gordon after he was highly recommended- after the first lesson I understood why. Every lesson focused on what I needed to work on and my confidence grew each week. Even when I doubted myself, Gordon always provided encouragement and pushed me out my comfort zone at times which I needed! He was fun, put me at ease and always made me laugh. As a girl who hated driving and was terrified of being in the driver's seat, I passed first time with no minors, definitely thanks to Gordon! I would highly recommend him to anyone. 

Katie – Guardbridge
Gordon is friendly and really helps you feel at ease during lessons. He is very good at identifying your problem areas and encouraging you towards improvement.

Oliver – St. Andrews
I really enjoyed my lessons with Gordon. He helped to put me at ease from the start and I felt like each lesson had a specific purpose and was structured to my needs. Gordon’s instruction helped to build my confidence on the road and I now feel comfortable driving on my own.

Lucie- St. Andrews
I would definitely recommend Gordon as a driving instructor, because not only did I have such a good time while learning, I have definitely gained a lot of confidence on the road by the end – allowing me to pass first time (woo). Thanks Gordon

Paul – St. Andrews
I felt my lessons fostered confidence and safe driving practices that prepared me well for the test. I was very happy to pass first time with Gordon.

Madeleine – St. Andrews
Gordon made learning to drive a very enjoyable and stress-free experience, even though I was quite nervous about driving initially. He was very patient and excellent at explaining the different manoeuvres and why it was important to drive in a certain way to be safe. I would, and have, recommended him unreservedly.

Joe – St. Andrews
I’d be happy to recommend Driving Force to anyone who wants to genuinely become a confident and able driver. Although this is a cliché, Gordon doesn’t just teach you to pass a test, he teaches you to drive. There are elements of the Pass Plus training interwoven into the lessons and you’ll undoubtedly become a safer driver as a result. Gordon won’t mollycoddle you through your lessons, and his style of teaching will see your driving ability come on leaps and bounds and as such I’d recommend Gordon to anyone.

Emily - Tayport
Gordon is a fantastic driving instructor. From being terrified to start learning to drive Gordon put me at ease and through his teaching I was able to pass my test first time and feel confident driving alone, which I never thought would be possible before. Cannot thank Gordon enough for the best possible experience and being able to always crack a joke throughout. I have already recommended him to a variety of my friends and cannot praise him enough.

Bethanie – St.Andrews
Gordon was by far the best instructor I had. He really helped to improve my confidence as a driver, was great at explaining everything and was flexible when I had a busy schedule. Gordon is not only patient, but good company and I really can't recommend him enough.

Hannah - Largoward
The great thing about lessons with Gordon was that it wasn't just learning how to drive the car, he gave me tips on general driving and what to expect once passing and a deeper insight into driving. I would highly recommend Driving Force to my friends and family. Once you get past the bad jokes (which he finds hilarious) lessons are enjoyable and easy going! Watch out Britain’s Got Talent, there’s a new comedian about!

Emma – St.Andrews
I truly enjoyed my lessons with Gordon, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone as an instructor. When I first started out, I didn’t know one pedal from another, and the concept of changing gears was a bit lost on me. Much to his credit, Gordon took it all in his stride and his instructions were always clear and easy to follow. His friendly demeanor put me right at ease from the first lesson. Gordon’s lessons are all rooted in road awareness and safety, and from the first lesson he teaches you how to keep the car under control. Gordon never misses a beat, and his quick wit and humour keep the lessons fun and allowed me to shake off any nerves and focus on the road instead. He’s a great guy to be around, and an extremely capable teacher who always finds a way for you to improve. Thanks to Gordon I now love driving about, and feel confident in my ability to navigate any road situations that may crop up safely and confidently. Go with Gordon - you won’t regret it!

Henna – St.Andrews
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Gordon! He is very patient and encouraging, a brilliant driving instructor! Would highly recommend Driving Force. Thanks Gordon!

Lauren – Strathkinness
Gordon is a fantastic driving instructor and I definitely recommend learning with Driving Force! The lessons are well structured and tailored to suit you, with clear advice and guidance. Gordon doesn’t just teach you to drive with the aim of passing your test, but more importantly so that you become a confident and safe driver when your out on the road by yourself. Your made to feel at ease, comfortable and confident from the first lesson to the morning of your test. I would definitely recommend Gordon!

Meggie – Blebo Craigs
Gordon was an excellent driving instructor and helped me gain confidence in my ability. His patience and easy-going personality made the lessons enjoyable and a lot less stressful than my previous driving experiences. Gordon made sure the lessons were consistent so that there wasn’t a long gap between , which made the lessons much more effective. I am very happy with the lessons I received and so would highly recommend Driving Force to others.

Gillian - Strathkinness
I cannot recommend Driving Force enough because Gordon's teaching was well-tailored to my level/abilities as I progressed through the lessons. He does not just cover what you need to know in order to pass the test but trains you to be an all-round safe and competent driver! He was a really brilliant teacher and I really enjoyed the learning experience.

Ben - Strathkinness
Gordon is a fantastic instructor who made you feel like he was teaching you to drive, not merely how to pass your test - and have a laugh while doing so. Despite some dodgy questions being fired his way, Gordon had an answer for everything and this could be seen with his knowledge backing up quality teaching. After having Gordon as an instructor I now feel confident to continue driving after passing my test. Would highly recommend him. Cheers Gordon!

Emma – St.Andrews
I can't recommend Gordon highly enough. I tried to learn to drive before but I hated it. I ended up spending a lot of money and making no progress at all, to the extent that I honestly thought I would never be able to learn to drive. From my very first lesson with Gordon I felt at ease, comfortable and confident in the driving seat. Gordon pushes you to be the best driver you can be - not only a safe driver but also a confident one. As well as being extremely patient and understanding, Gordon is also very knowledgeable and professional. His expertise and experience means that the lessons are tailored to you as an individual. Whatever your area of weakness, Gordon will spend plenty of time boosting your skill and confidence, ensuring that his teaching methods work for you. I also found learning to drive with Gordon a really fun and enjoyable experience, which was something I was not expecting at all! If there's a waiting list for lessons, make sure you wait -- it'll be worth it!

Thea – Ceres
Huge thanks to Gordon for putting up with me and helping me pass my test with only one minor! He is a great instructor who is very thorough and ensures you learn everything the right way. All in all a really sound instructor, who will have a laugh with you, and make you a confident, competent driver.

Eilidh – Largoward
I would definitely recommend Driving Force to anyone who is looking to be a confident driver. I felt I progressed during every lesson to become ready for my test, but more importantly to be ready for the road. Gordon is great to learn with as he made every lesson count, as well as making them fun and relaxed. He explains the reasoning behind techniques and rules of the road which makes it easy to learn and form good driving habits. Keep it up Gordon!

Jamie – St.Andrews
Gordon is an excellent instructor who takes a professional consideration of the needs of each and every student. He will go out of his way to make his students feel welcome and to make them the best drivers they possibly can be. He also tries to make room for his students as and when they need it, and give detailed explanations of what I needed to do to better my driving. He was always genial and pleasant and made the whole driving experience comfortable and stress-free.

Lucy – St.Andrews
Very welcoming, great banter! Worth every penny. Gordon never gave up on me even on round 2 with the test! Very much appreciated.

Erin – Strathkinness
When starting to drive I was proper terrified and lacked confidence. However, Gordon soon managed to change that! Gordon makes you feel dead comfortable and at ease when driving, with his knowledge, chat and occasional banter! Gordon is the first choice and best choice I made!

Sarah - Strathkinness
I would definitely recommend Driving Force. When I first started learning to drive I was quite nervous and lacking in confidence. Gordon soon changed that! He is a fantastic instructor and I passed my driving test much sooner than I thought I could all thanks to his professional expertise and excellent teaching abilities. He is very astute, picking up on my strengths or areas where I lacked confidence and so catered each of my lessons to keep my development at a progressive pace, but one he knew I was comfortable with. Right from the start Gordon was friendly, patient and always encouraging, making my experience of learning to drive very positive and enjoyable. He has made me a very confident and capable driver; I have a lot to thank him for.

Laura – St.Andrews
Gordon is a fantastic driving instructor and I would recommend him to anyone. He made me feel very relaxed from my first lesson right through to my test and allowed me to progress at my own pace. The lessons were well structured and he always gave good constructive criticism and advice which helped my confidence grow every lesson. He was very good at fitting lessons around what suited me and they were always enjoyable. Thank you Gordon!

Trisha - Strathkinness
Driving Force gives you a wealth of experience and tips about driving making passing the practical test almost a breeze!

Adela – St.Andrews
After having lessons with many different instructors over a year and a half, I found Gordon and I wish that I had learned with him from the very start. I felt as if he knew exactly what I struggled with and why, and therefore was able to teach me in a way that worked for me. He taught me the "rules of the road" and I am a confident new driver. I really struggled with large roundabouts and Gordon showed me exactly where I needed to look and how to control the car on the roundabout. Gordon was so patient and easy to get on with and I looked forward to my lessons because I knew that in each lesson I would be improving every time. I could not recommend Gordon enough! Thanks to you Gordon, I never drive alone!! I always hear your voice "mirror, signal, manoeuvre, think about your speed Adela". Thank you.

Amy – St.Andrews
Gordon is an excellent driving instructor and has helped me to build-up my confidence greatly. Each lesson was enjoyable and well planned, allowing me to progress at my own pace. Highly recommend!

Alex - Balmullo
I would definitely recommend Gordon as a driving instructor. It really did feel like I was being taught to drive, not just to pass the test. I think it’s the difference between having a professional instructor who has had a career where safe driving is essential. He knows exactly what is needed and I had a great time with him.

Louise – St Andrews
I felt my needs were fully accommodated, and Gordon is a fantastic instructor. I passed first time with him. Gordon is easy to get along with and makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable form your first lesson right up to your test. I also felt very secure in the car with Gordon; he is a very observant and meticulous instructor, and manages to keep the balance between friendliness and focussed instruction. He also impresses the safety reasons behind the “rules of the road” regularly. I am glad I chose Driving Force and would highly recommend Gordon to anyone.

Rosie - Dundee
I would definitely highly recommend Driving Force to anyone. I was made to feel relaxed and safe and learned at a speed that suited me. His reassurance helped me overcome my initial concerns about driving. As I wasn't the most confident driver at first he took this into consideration and made me feel more confident in my ability as the lessons went on. Gordon made sure that I was fully prepared in all aspects of driving before sitting my test and made sure I focused on the parts of driving I needed the most work on.

Katie – New Gilston
After my older sibling used Driving Force, I knew where to go for lessons. Gordon is very easy to get along with and has a good teaching approach. I was able to schedule lessons that suited my timetable and he was flexible with drop off points. The lessons were planned well and each week my driving ability developed. Gordon is good at identifying areas that need improving giving constructive advice and encouragement. On the day of the test he made me feel calm and confident which resulted in me passing first time. Overall I fully recommend Gordon to anyone.

Marion - St.Andrews
Gordon is an amazing driving instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone planning to learn how to drive. He was very patient and relaxed, and made me feel at ease during my lessons. He always gave constructive criticism and was very encouraging which helped build my confidence. He was also very flexible, fitting in lessons at times which suited me. There really were no flaws with my lessons and I would like to thank Gordon for all his help.

Tamara – Strathkinness
I would highly recommend Gordon as a great driving instructor. His patience and reassurance helped me overcome my initial fears and concerns enabling me to become confident on the road. He always answered any questions I had and highlighted any faults in my driving that I could improve. As Gordon was my second instructor, I noticed he taught me more in the first lesson I had with him than my previous instructor after many.

Kerry - Tayport
I would highly recommend Driving force to others. I felt my needs were fully accommodated, and Gordon is a great instructor. I passed first time with him and have already recommended him to many of my friends at school. Gordon is easy to get along with and makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable to ask questions and queries. I was very satisfied with all my lessons and am very glad I chose Driving Force as the company to learn with.

Kirsty – St.Andrews
I always felt very secure in the car with Gordon; he is a very observant and meticulous instructor, and manages to keep the balance between friendliness and focussed instruction very well. He also impresses the safety reasons behind the "rules" of the road regularly, helping you to gain a sensible mentality towards driving along with the physical skills necessary. 

Andrew – St.Andrews
Gordon is an excellent driving instructor and it was a pleasure to have him teach me. I always felt comfortable and enjoyed each lesson and if I ever made a mistake Gordon was very good at being constructive rather than just pointing out flaws. He was very accommodating in fitting my lessons in as I left it very last minute to start driving and with his teaching felt very confident by the time I passed my test.

Jonny – St.Andrews
I would recommend Gordon to anyone who would like to start learning to drive. He is a great instructor and a good lad. Cheers Gordon!

Gemma – Guardbridge
I went from someone who didn’t think they would ever be able to drive to someone who is a confident driver and who actually enjoys going out in the car. Gordon had so much patience and very well structured lessons which made it fun and easy to learn to drive. Thank you Gordon!

Michelle - Balmullo
I would be very happy to recommend Driving Force to anybody. Throughout the duration of the lesson, Gordon maintained a very friendly atmosphere. Gordon was flexible in his tuition hours. I was able to fit my lessons around 9-5 work and was able to start and finish my lessons wherever convenient to me. The whole process was thoroughly enjoyable, whilst still trying of my ability, and I was made to feel as relaxed as possible. 

Paul – Strathkinness
Not only was Gordon an excellent instructor who covered all areas well and at the pace I needed, he was also very generous with his time, coping with my busy schedule and short notice changes.  I always felt comfortable with him, and found my lessons enjoyable as well as useful.  He was a huge help to me with the theory as well as the practical tests, and it's thanks to him I'm safely on the road as soon as I am. 

Lizzie – St.Andrews
I was a very nervous driver to begin with, but Gordon was always friendly, calm, and patient, allowing me to learn at my own pace whilst also encouraging me to become more confident. I really enjoyed the experience of learning to drive, and by the time I sat my test I knew I had been thoroughly prepared. I would definitely recommend Driving Force to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

John - St.Andrews
I can't think of anything more you would look for in a driving instructor. Reliable,  highly experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and understanding. The entire experience was well paced, priced and planned from start to finish.

Alice – St.Andrews
Gordon was very accommodating around my availability for lessons and always arrived on time to pick me up. He gave me praise and encouragement for the things I got right and clearly explained to me what I was doing wrong when I made mistakes, without discouraging me. He gave me confidence on the road which I could never have imagined before I started my lessons. I would recommend Gordon to anyone interested in taking lessons, experienced or otherwise.

Andrew – St.Andrews
I've had many driving instructors and Gordon has been by far the best. He is able to put you at ease and make you confident in your ability. I would highly recommend driving force to anyone who wishes to learn to be a safe and confident driver.

Alice – Largoward
Gordon was a great driving instructor. From the very beginning he made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I felt that I learned something new during every lesson and that my confidence grew. Gordon made learning to drive an enjoyable experience and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who was interested in learning to drive.

Yufei – St.Andrews
I have had many instructors in the past, but Gordon is the only one who taught me how to drive as a qualified and confident driver, instead of a good driving exam candidate. I would especially recommend him to be your next instructor if you are looking for someone to give you a safe but efficient start of your 'road life'. Gordon never talked to me in a rush and loud voice, which we all know is leading to more panic and worse outcomes. Actually he managed to help me feel more confident each time when there was 'danger'.

Jacob – New Gilston
I would recommend Driving Force as I was able to schedule lessons around my other commitments easily and able to begin and end the lessons wherever suited me best. I felt that I was always learning and improving and that my whole experience was planned and under control. Each lesson felt very much like that it had been prepared in advance and that there was a clear structure to the order that I was learning.

Daniel – St.Andrews
I would highly recommend Driving Force to anybody that is wanting to start learning to drive. I definitely would not have progressed or passed my test in the amount of time I did if it hadn’t been for Gordon’s expert tuition!

Jessica - Wormit
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Gordon and Driving Force. The lessons were always well structured to my needs and I don't think I would have learned as well with anyone else. Gordon also offers a refreshment free of charge for each lesson - a huge bonus! Thanks Gordon!

Heather  - Strathkinness
I would like to thank Gordon for all his expertise and professionalism during my experience of learning to drive. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering to start lessons.

Maria – Newport
I would recommend Gordon as he is a relaxed driving instructor who doesn’t make you nervous or scared of what you are doing. He is great to get along with and I was very happy with the way I was taught as it got me through my test and I am now happy with the driving ability I have got. Thank you Gordon.

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